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CAD Model for Biomedical Image Processing for Digital Assistance

Insufficiency of doctors produces a high challenge for Biomedical Engineering to develop efficient assistance tools or applications which can be used as a supporting system (e.g., CAD) for doctors to diagnose diseases using biomedical images like CT-Scan, X-ray, MRI etc. COVID-19 is a highly communicable and extremely dangerous disease. Almost 1.36 billion people in the word are affected by the coronavirus till date. Two million people have died. This deadly disease has affected more than 150 countries in the world and still thousands of people are getting exposed to this disease daily. So early detection of the disease is really important and critical to save a person’s life. Coronavirus can be significantly detected through chest X-rays. With the help of Deep Learning and Neural Network, detection of COVID can be done quickly and cheaply. So, we are making use of a CNN Model to quickly detect whether a person has COVID-19 or not by inputting the X-ray images.


  • CNN

  • COVID-19

  • Deep learning

  • Chest X-ray

  • AI University Montana

  • AI For Research Student Community

AI University Montana
AI University Montana

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