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VAARTA: A Secure Chatting Application Using Firebase

Chat applications are increasingly replacing earlier communication methods such as the cell phone, landline and telegraph. People can use chat applications in various fields such as networking, commercials, and education. The ability to send and receive text messages is the most basic requirement for chatting, but current editions include voice and video chats and also allow us to share multimedia as well. End-to-end networking has recently gained popularity for a variety of reasons, and as a result, it is now taken into account when developing chat programmes such as WhatsApp. This internet platform allows users to converse online which is more secure and efficient than other available traditional methods. The encryption scheme in the authentication algorithm is combined with a message authentication code to provide better security services to the user. VAARTA is combined with AES that uses an authenticated encryption method and helps in attaining a more secure environment, better applicability and maintain its performance even in stressful conditions. Being a lightweight programme, AES VAARTA is apt for use, making it appropriate for merging into an Android chat app. VAARTA is developed on Android Studio IDE using Java as its core programming language. The Firebase NoSQL database is being utilised by the VAARTA chat application.


  • Android

  • Chat application

  • Advanced encryption standard (AES)


  • Firebase

  • AI University, Montana

  • AI For Research Student Community

VAARTA: A Secure Chatting Application Using Firebase | SpringerLink

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